Locations Offering Primary Care

Care When You Need It

Watertown – Midtown

Located downtown Watertown by south of County Fair in the storefronts.


Located by Slumberland right off of Dakota Ave S.

Now Accepting New Patients in Midtown and Huron!

Common Conditions Primary Care Treats

Integrative Medicine in Primary Care

We take the time to understand the whole picture of what is going one and set up steps to support you. We don’t just treat the symptoms, we look deeper into the root cause and find better alternatives with the best of modern medicine.

Annual Exams and Physicals

Take care of your annual, sports, school and pre-op exam with the convenience of our clinics.

Diabetes Management

We provide ongoing support and recommendations with our patients. We also have a nutritionist on staff for more weight management skills.

Ongoing Heart Conditions

If your heart needs more care, we can offer medication, EKG’s, exams, and ongoing maintenance. Any emergency or threat to your life, please call 911.

Common Infections

Infections are common and we treat eye, ear, throat, respiratory, urinary tract, and more! Get relief from your symptoms and ongoing care to nip that infection.

Women’s Health

We offer annual pelvic and breast exams along with all treatments and care for women’s health.

Headache and Migraines

Are you finding that over-the-counter pain medicine is not working for your headache or migraine? Schedule an appointment to get your migraines under control with long-term guidance and medication.


Get all your vaccinations up to date for you and your kids.

Pediatric and Adolescent Care

We can support all your family’s needs from newborn to teenagers.

Dementia and Memory Support

As our loved ones age, we have the support to care for their unique needs as memory and cognitive skills decrease. If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s, over other degenerative conditions. We have partnered with MemoryCare to give resources to those families. Follow the link to learn about using disability benefits for certain memory diagnoses. We are not responsible for the content on this link.

And More!

We provide all the examinations, testing, lab review, and treatment plan for many ailments. Any illness that is a current threat to your life please call 911.

Delivery of Care Options

How do you want to receive care? We have options to fit your needs!

Onsite Care

We have many exam rooms for both you and the kiddos! Walk-ins are appreciated and welcomed.


We can now do an examination online at your convenience with Telehealth. Give the clinic a call to set up your telehealth appointment for urgent care needs.

I have used Quick Care many times since they opened. I appreciate their willingness to help, and that the providers actually care. I even started primary care with them because of it.”
– N.C.

Insurance & Billing


We accept all major insurances like Avera, Medicaid, Tricare, BCBS, Medicare, TriWest, Medica, Sanford and more!


We offer many payment options, like cash, credit card, and sliding scale discount. QuickCare can go through your insurance or you can pay in cash. If you’ve received a bill in the mail you can call us! Just have your statement handy for reference.

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Other Services

Urgent Care

We offer urgent care services to help our community with short-term medical needs for all ages.

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Community Support

Our staff can help provide medical assistance for one-time events, or ongoing needs for businesses, schools and more.

— Home Sweet Home

Our Locations

Receive your care where ever you are. We have 3 locations to support your health. Each location has different services to best fit your needs. All locations have urgent care services, and walk-ins are appreciated.